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Cookie Policy


We store small text files called cookies on your computer so that you get the most out of the site and we can improve your experience for your next visit. If you continue exploring our site, we'll assume you're happy with this.

What is a cookie?

Put simply, cookies help a website to remember you. They’re small files of letters and numbers that a website transfers to a file on your computer or mobile device.

Without cookies, a website will always think you’re a new visitor every time you move to a new page on the site. Cookies make interacting with a website faster and easier.

Cookies also enable website owners to tailor the content to visitors’ needs. And they do all this without storing any information that can identify you personally.

How do we use cookies?

Like most websites, we use cookies to help us improve your experience of our site.

The cookies that we use

The cookies we use are as follows:

Cookies that measure website use (analytics cookies)

We use Google Analytics to measure how you use our website.

  • ga: Used to distinguish users. Expires two years from set/update.
  • _gid: Used to distinguish users. Expires 24 hours from set/update.
  • _ga_<container-id>: Used to persist session state. Expires two years from set/update.
  • _gac_gb_<container-id>: Used for any campaign related information. Expires 90 days from set/update.

Functional cookies

These cookies are used to enable you to use some of our website functionality (such as completing a form), or for our website to remember that you have interacted with it in some way.

  • csrftoken: Used when you complete a form. Expires one year after set/update.
  • browserupdateorg: Used to check if you’re using the most up to date version of your browser. Expires one week after set/update.
  • hide_cookie_message: Used to check if you’ve clicked ‘accept’ on our cookies popup that appears the first time you visit the website. Expires one year after set/update.

To turn cookies on or off, see the 'help' section of your browser, or view guidance for Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

You can also download a browser add-on that opts out of cookies set by Google Analytics.

Cookie Policy

By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. We use cookies to help our website run effectively. Learn more