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Protecting People

A new chapter in our commitment to being a Responsible Business

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In this interview, Carole Bardell-Wise, SHEQ and people director at Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, talks about the launch of Protecting People. Carole provides insight into this exciting development, and how it builds on all the great work to date and renewed forward focus to improve our health, safety and wellbeing performance whilst strengthening our approach to achieving excellence.

Carole Bardell-Wise, SHEQ and people director speaking about Protecting People at a recent event

Why has Morgan Sindall Infrastructure launched Protecting People?

We are continuously improving how we deliver our projects safely, elevating our focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone connected to our business and Protecting People is a huge part of this.

More than a campaign, this is a transformative journey as we continue to create sustainable infrastructure which contributes to the UK's long-term social, economic and environmental development, whilst putting the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone at our core.

What is Protecting People and what does it mean to the people connected to Morgan Sindall Infrastructure?

Simply put, Protecting People is ‘together, we protect each other’. It means that everyone has the responsibility, individually and collectively, to create a culture of care and respect, by showing kindness and concern for others and to enable all colleagues to feel safe to speak.

It also means that we provide safe and healthy places to work, with the right people, environment and equipment and learn from each other to improve. Recognition is also important so we will positively acknowledge our colleague’s achievements and contributions and celebrate great performance.

The Protecting People Commitment

How does Protecting People fit into the organisation’s commitment to being a responsible business?

Acting responsibly informs all our decisions, providing confidence to the people who work for us, live around our projects, or do business with us that we will always endeavour to do the right thing and foster positive, constructive relationships.

Our five Total Commitments underpin our approach to being a responsible business and one of those five Commitments is Protecting People.

A new Protecting People device has been introduced to coincide with the launch, can you explain what the device symbolises?

The circular shape symbolises the connections and collaboration within our communities. The layers signify our capabilities as a business and the complex nature of the projects we deliver for our customers, and the colours reflect diversity and the inclusive culture within which we work.

The new Protecting People device symbolises the connections and collaboration within our communities

How did you involve the people of Morgan Sindall Infrastructure in the planning and development of Protecting People?

We started over a year ago to explore with people what they thought would really improve the health, safety and wellbeing of colleagues. We held focus groups and feedback sessions, actively seeking views and ideas to ensure Protecting People would cater for our diverse business.

We listened intently with a collaborative approach which resulted in a dedicated fantastic team developing Protecting People for 2024 and beyond.

How have you engaged colleagues, clients and the supply chain in the launch of Protecting People?

A lot of this work has been ongoing throughout the design phase. Now in full implementation, 2024 is critical in terms of bringing Protecting People to life with our supply chain partners. We are delivering interactive workshops and continual engagement sessions across our whole business. Our projects, including clients and supply chain partners, have been involved in the extensive launch events, joining in the conversation and exploring what Protecting People means to us all.

Sarah Reid, Managing Director Highways, delivering a Protecting People engagement session to colleagues working on our Concrete Roads Framework

Can you share any success stories or positive outcomes which relate to Protecting People?

We’ve heard extensively from colleagues about how they’ve embraced ‘all colleagues feel safe to speak’, to voice concerns and ask questions. There’s an example in a recent meeting where someone spoke up and supported a colleague who was accepting more work when they had said they were already very busy.

There are also stories of recognition with people celebrating great performances and saying thank you. We’ve seen working environments improved, designs challenged and positive interventions for Protecting People raised across our whole business.

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